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Online Fitness Club Is A 'Wild Success'
By Chuck - Mon, Mar 17, 2003

Concord, NC (AP) - F. Lawrence Caslin knew he had a good idea from the start, but there was no way he could have known it would be this good.

To date, over 230,000 people have signed up to be members of the world?s first online fitness club at www.fitnesstomorrow.com. Caslin would have been happy with 50,000 in the first month, he said Monday. ?But word of mouth is a powerful thing, especially when one has a superior and unique product,? he added.

The wild success of the site has a lot to do with memberships pouring in from Hollywood and the world of professional sports. Shaquille O?Neal, Matt Damon, Barbara Walters, Elizabeth Hurley, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Troy Aikman, Ned Beatty, Al Pacino, and Kate Hudson are just a few of the names Caslin is dropping lately. ?They?re all here at one time or another,? he said. ?You just never know who you?re going to be sweating next to,? Caslin joked.

Rapid interest and the meteoric rise in membership has not been without its problems, however. In fact, it was about two weeks after the grand opening that Caslin first heard some grumbling going on. ?When I heard from Arsenio?s (Hall) people that he was having trouble logging in, we realized that we had to have a quick discussion with our web host in order to create more space to accommodate our members,? he said.

Within that same hour, DynaPro added enough room for over one million members to log on, log in, and relax simultaneously. It may be another six months or so before FitnessTomorrow.com runs out of space again if membership continues to grow at this pace, Caslin said. ?But that?s a phone call I?d be glad to make again if it means Dick Clark, Britney Spears, Michael Jordan, and Pamela Lee can all be here together.?

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Greensboro, NC (AP) In an astonishing turn of events Tuesday morning, a news-based website published an article that, in the eyes of its editors, "Is totally unrelated to war," a spokesman said.

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