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The Bios--Who We Are
By Cletus - Tue, Aug 11, 2009

Just who are Chuck, Cletus and Cecil? What makes them tick? What drives their ambition to inform the world?

Chuck and Cecil Craddock are unique in many respects. From the beginning they garnered more than their fair share of attention due to the unusual nature of their births. Specifically, they are the world's only twins born to different mothers and six months apart as well. The boys' bond centers around their claim that they have the same father, although neither son has ever met the man. The two were born in Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee and now live in North Carolina where they pursue life, love, and happiness in all forms and for any lengths of time. Their educations are undocumented, their grammar largely unchecked and unfettered by convention, and their views unaffected by wisdom or truths. Cletus Gibson is the first cousin of the two brothers on the mom and dad's side and was born exactly 3 months between each of the two Craddock bothers leaving him the moderator in many of their sibling rivalries.


The older of the two brothers and the better looking and smarter one as well, Cecil is more likely to think before speaking and, therefore, less likely to upset others with raw opinions and observations. Cecil lost both legs in a farming accident at age 11, but later found and reattached them. He believes this is why he is a little shorter than Chuck, as he is sure that his legs would not have continued to grow during the time they were unattached because they were not getting Ovaltine like the rest of his body.

Chuck is the younger of the two brothers, but arguably the better looking and smarter one. His conniving ways have led him into trouble with the law on more than one occasion, however, but Chuck is proud to say that he learnt more in prison than he ever did in any school. Chuck is more in touch with his feelings than Cecil is with his, and leans as strongly toward the arts as he does towards Chevrolet.

Cletus is arguably the better looking and smarter one in the extended family. He's been married 3 times but says that each time just keeps gettin' better. He doesn't have any children but won't let that little problem of low sperm count keep him from trying his best "cause he's a go-getter" and feels that his "little guys" will try harder than most mens' because they're not crowded. His main difference from his cousin counterparts is that he's a Ford type of guy. Many a heated discussion on this touchy subject have left them at arms but they always seem to make up in the end over a bottle of bourbon and chaw.
The Drive, The Ambition...

Nearly everyone knows a drunken, loud-mouthed know-it-all, and everyone would certainly agree that this type of person is not someone whom one would care to be around. Chuck, Cletus, and Cecil have felt this stinging judgement by society and its accompanying isolation from the git go, and the internet is their only way to reach out and foist their opinions and ideas upon others. Victims, so to speak, may now feel the full brunt of "The Cousins C" without having to deal with the body odor, the bad breath, and the smell of urine-soaked clothes that ride along most weekends with the boys.

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Deep South (AP) - In a surprising press release today, Chuck Craddock, Cecil Craddock and Cletus H. Gibson finally revealed what happened to the original chuckandcletus.com website. Specifically, why it went down and where they disappeared to for so many years.

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